Please find the following testimonials from our previous and current clients :

“We engaged the services of Wendy Owen 6 months ago, to develop our first website for our changing business model, and the need to get on board with multi media advertising.
Wendy’s knowledge was very valuable, especially at the back end of the web in how the search engines work, and to pick up on web traffic etc. Our results have been very rewarding in a short time through Wendy’s expertise. Wendy continues to work with us, and is readily available for web updates, and continues  writing monthly blogs, when provided with a general outline, about an unfamiliar business area.
Wendy’s writing skills whip basic ideas into a very appropriate reading article in no time. I have also been able to use these articles in targeted advertising areas.
Wendy is very easy to work with, and understanding of where invested monies need to focus on a return in our business.”
Tanya Chaplin  – Chaplin Screens, Brisbane

“Wendy was the editor of my 4th book “Extraordinary people who have enriched my life in China’. I am happy to say I was very satisfied with her work and our working relationship. Wendy was very accommodation and easy to work with. I will certainly ask for to edit my future books. Thanks Wendy.”
Tove Vine – Author – Brisbane

“Wendy, thanks for re-writing my book description and also for the editorial changes in the text of the book. I wish you well in your business venture and will not hesitate to contact you when I’ve finished the next book, hopefully before too long!
Kind regards,”
Caroline – Author- Cambridge – UK