eBook Writing Service

ebook writing service

Imagine having your own book published on Amazon Kindle without having to write a word! Well this is what I can do for you.

The eBook writing service is one of the main services we provide. I do these myself, as I’m a best selling author, and I know I can provide a professional project for my clients.

The time I allocate to writing a book will depend on the number of words required. The typical number of words on a Kindle page varies with font size, but averages out at 250 -300.

How many pages should your Kindle book contain? well it all depends on how much you have to say. A non-fiction book can be shorter than a novel, as long as it provides enough value.  40-50,000 words is usually advised, which works out to around 150 pages. However there are many shorter books that are successful on Kindle. It’s best to write a shorter book than to have a long book that’s full of fluff.

Of course, these days you can have your Kindle book made into a print version as well. Printed book sell really well over the Christmas period as people buy them for gifts. Continue reading “eBook Writing Service”