Need Some Help with Your Blog Posts?

Are you a blog owner with limited time? You know you have to post regular content to keep your blog fresh and interesting, but when you have a full-time job or kids to look after (or both), where the heck are you going to find the time to write?

Now there are workarounds for this. There’s ‘Dragon Naturally Speaking’, which is a software which will convert your words into text, but it’s clunky. You have to train the software to interpret your voice, which takes time. If you have an accent, well good luck with that!

I have really tried to use Dragon, but found I wasn’t saving much time. Because I kept forgetting to say, “full stop” or “new paragraph”, I ended up with a big block of text which required a lot of editing. I found the extra commands Dragon required tended to block my writing flow too.

Then there’s good old ‘time management’. I’ve spent a lot of time reading about time management, in fact I would have been better off spending that time on my writing. Nevertheless here are some tips I’ve picked up from my research: Continue reading “Need Some Help with Your Blog Posts?”