Expert Book Writing Services

I’m a native English speaker and writer. My main genre is health writing, but I have written in various genres. I don’t do technical writing or fiction (at this point in time), but anything else will likely be accepted.

Below are the writing services we offer.

  • E-book writing
  • Article Writing
  • Blog posts – Any length
  • Reports – On most categories
  • Email writing – to help build your list
  • Editing – I specialize in editing for people whose first language isn’t English (ESL)
  • Press Release Writing – this is a specialized type of writing and needs to be in a formalized format
  • Research – either on its own, or combined with a writing task
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO) – either on its own, or combined with a writing task. I have a webmaster who’s been in the business since 2004
  • Website creation – a simple website for those who don’t know how (or don’t want to know)

Please contact us via the contact page for your requirements.


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  1. I have sent you an email, but in case you don’t receive it, I’m looking for someone to write around 5 blog posts around the subject of protecting the environment. We have yet to launch our site and need some content to get started.
    Thank you.

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