The following are a guide and are not set in cement! There are many types of writing, as there are many types of editing.
Prices are given in Australian dollars.


Straight writing – no research – $0.11 per word (11 cents per word)
Writing with research – $0.13 per word (13 cents per word)


Non fiction line editing – $.015 per word.
ESL editing – $.018 per word – This is for those for whom English is the second language.
I don’t currently edit fiction as this involves plot development and is a much lengthier process.


Writer or author website based on WordPress – This would include a home page, contact page, about page, sample page, blog page and all legal pages. Also includes royalty-free pictures and the following plugins: anti-spam, contact form, social buttons and file resizing – All for $120
Site maintenance and update – $10 per month. This involves moderating comments, updating WordPress and plugins + health check etc.
Hosting – I can provide some low cost hosting if you require. Please contact me for a price.