Professional Ghostwriter Loves to just Write

Expert Book Writing evolved through a feeling of sheer frustration. You see, I’m an author. I publish my own fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon, and I collect royalties.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem, for me at least, is marketing.

You see when Amazon first brought out the Kindle, I think it was 2012, many authors started submitting their manuscripts. In those days the Amazon algorithm was not as sophisticated as it is today. People were submitting all kinds of rubbish; even plagiarized documents and Private Label Rights (PLR), and were becoming published authors overnight. As you may imagine, scams were rife.

Fortunately Amazon refined their rules and by 2013, PLR was no longer accepted and less-than-quality books dropped off the digital shelves. Those of us who were putting out informative books and stories rose to the top of the ranks. Those were the glory days!

Fast forward to today and things are very different. Now, you not only need to be a good writer, you need to be an expert marketer too, otherwise your books are not going to get a look-in. In fact I will go as far as to say, you need to spend at least the same amount of time marketing your book as you do writing it!

Then there’s the ‘book launch’. Balloons streamers, party hats and a lot of schmoozing to get your book noticed. Now some folks take to marketing like a duck to water. I don’t. So I decided to do what I love – writing. I’m quite happy to write for others and let them have all the glory (and all the marketing 😊).

What does Expert Book Writing offer?

Simply stated we offer ghostwriting services. I will write your book for you and you can take all the credit. We also offer other types of freelance writing services, editing and even SEO services if required. Please go to the services page for more information.

I love my regular clients and see them as family. I will always put forth my best efforts for you, as I do for all my writing.